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Design Your Own

You have arrived on the most fun page of our website! Do not worry you can not break anything. This page allows you to cater to every desire and need you have concerning plastic pants. Because we simple could not possibly stock every combination of plastic pant that is available, we allow you to design the perfect plastic pant for your needs. Countless happy customers have already used our Design Your Own page and have had the opportunity to feel the joy of receiving their own personalized slice of plastic pant utopia. So, go ahead and design your own today and join the ranks of happy customers.

Volume Discounts

Take advantage of various volume discounts when you order four or more of the exact same item in the same size, even a custom designed item. Reap even greater savings when you purchase twelve or more of the exact same item.


Enjoy desigining your perfect pant to meet your individual needs!

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Base Cost

Base Cost
6 ea. +
Base Cost
12 ea. +

Design Your Own Specialty Pant On This Order Grid
Flannel - Terry - Elastic Options - Pant Cut Options - Lace Options 
These items are custom built for you and take about six plus weeks. Non-Returnable Non-Exchangeable No Refunds


$33.95 ea.

$29.95 ea. $26.95 ea.


$33.95 ea.

$29.95 ea. $26.95 ea.



$33.95 ea.

$29.95 ea. $26.95 ea.


$33.95 ea.

$29.95 ea. $26.95 ea.




$35.95 ea.

$31.95 ea. $27.95 ea.


$44.95 ea.

$39.95 ea. $35.95 ea.



$45.95 ea.

$40.95 ea. $36.95 ea.

4 XL

$47.95 ea.

$42.95 ea. $38.95 ea.



$49.95 ea.

$44.95 ea. $40.95 ea.

6XL 52.95 ea. 51.95 ea. $49.75 ea.

All sizes are approximate and may vary from order to order
Non-Returnable, Non-Refundable, & Non-Exchangeable