Helpful Suggestions to Properly Fit Our Diapers

These are suggestions and the final decision is yours.
AFDC diapers are considered undergarments and may not be returned.

1. Measure waist, add 14 inches to your waist size, and divide the total by 2. This will give you a minimum width size.

Example: If a person has a 39 inch waist enter the following calculation:
39 + 14 = 53
53 / 2 = 26.5
You would need to select a minimum of a 27 inch width diaper.

2. Measure through the crotch BELT TO BELT, add a minimum of 3 inches, and round up to our nearest diaper length.

Example: If a person has 29 inch measurement belt to belt through the crotch enter the following calculation:
29 + 3 = 32
You would need to select a minimum of a 32 inch long diaper.
In this example the minimum size diaper would be our medium which is a 34"X26". The small would be not be large enough.
We recommend going up at least one size on first time buyers. We recommend calling for assistance if unsure especially first time buyers.
The final decision on size is the buyers and there are no returns for incorrect size. Our sizing guidance is for recommendation only.

3. Consider if extra absorbency is needed. If so, larger diaper may be required. The larger the diaper the more cotton flannel, thus more absorbency provided.

These are only suggestions. The final decision is yours!
Remember, AFDC diapers are considered undergarments and may not be returned.

Plastic Pants Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart for Pull-On and Snap-On Plastic Pants

All measurements in inches.

For Additional Instructions to Assist With Proper Sizing Click Here

Sizes are approximate only. Sizes may vary from order to order.
This chart is designed to give you helpful guidelines.
Each person will have various waist and leg sizes and may need to deviate from the best fit suggestions found below.

Please fit your leg size first, then fit your waist size.

Size Waist Size
For Best Fit
Min - Max
Thigh Size
For Best Fit
Leg Openings
Min - Max
Crotch Width
3X-Small 20" to 24" 16" to 26" 15" 13.5" to 16" 9"
2X-Small 21" to 26" 18" to 28" 16" 14.5" to 18" 10"
X-Small 25" to 32" 20" to 36" 18" 16" to 20" 10"
Small 26" to 36" 22" to 40" 20" 17" to 23" 11"
Medium 29" to 39" 24" to 44" 21" to 22" 19" to 25" 12"
Large 31" to 44" 26" to 48" 23" to 24" 20" to 27" 12"
X-Large 33" to 47" 28" to 52" 24" to 26" 21" to 28" 14"
2X-Large 35" to 49" 30" to 56" 25" to 27" 22" to 28" 15"
3X-Large 39" to 54" 32" to 60" 26" to 29" 23" to 30" 17"
4X-Large 44" to 60" 36" to 64" 28" to 30" 24" to 32" 18"
5X-Large 50" to 64" 40" to 68" 29" to 31" 26" to 32" 19"
52" to 74" 44" to 77" 34" to 39" 32" to 40" 24"

Our plastic pants are sized to fit over thick cloth diapers but can also be used with disposables. Our customers tell us that they are most comfortable when they select a pant size such that their waist size falls about in the middle of the waist size range. As an example, a size 34" waist is half way between 24" and 44". The best choice for this person would be a size Medium pant. Some people prefer a looser or tighter elastic than normal. The pants can be custom made with modified elastic lengths to accommodate those needs. Please contact us for details.

Please note that our pants are sized for adults. We are sorry but we do not have pants for infants or children.

NOTE FOR COMFORT STYLE PANTS: Comfort Style pants may not tighten down as much in the legs and waist. Make sure you choose your sizes very carefully. Please call us if you have questions there are no returns on our products.

NOTE FOR HIGH RISE PANTS: High Rise pants tend to really make our pants look much larger. This option is good for customers who need extra height to cover diapers. Please call us if you have questions there are no returns on our products.

Please remember that improper sizing could cause the pant to fail by tearing. Vinyl has no stretch and will simply tear if the garment is too small in either the legs or the waist. Please call us or email us for help rather than selecting the improper size. We will not give your money back nor replace the pant for an improper size selection. The final decision on sizing is always the customer's decision. We will not pick a size for you. We will only make recommendations based of our decades of experience. Not every person will fit into our regular pants. Some people will require a special pattern in order to be properly fit.

Send Us An E-mail

Hello Valued Customer

Thank you for your interest in our products.

There are a couple of things you will need to do before we are able to start.

1.) Measure the Thigh and Waist of the person that will be wearing the pants.
The Thigh measurement is the most important. Then go the Sizing Cart Located [Here]

2.) Selecting a Size from the Chart.
Find a pant size where the thigh size is in the middle of the leg opening range. Then just verify the waist size is within the range. There may be more than one size that will work.

3.) Selecting a Vinyl.
First let me say the Crystal Clear Material is very Stiff and I would not recommend it, select this material at your own risk. If you are looking for nice soft vinyl’s you will want to stay with Softwear, Milky White, Blue Pastel, or Lemon Yellow ( Pastel ). If you are looking for a tougher longer life product you will want to stay with EuroFlex, Milky White Thick .007, Sapphire, or Green Apple. You will also find a wide variety of Juvenile Nursery Prints. These are all fairly soft and make nice plastic pants. You may select any vinyl we sell for any size we make. Just understand that if it is not in stock it will take several weeks to arrive and will have to be special ordered from the factory. Once ordered from the factory as a special order item the order will not be able to be canceled nor modified.

4.) Be Sure of Your Sizing
Because none of our products may be returned nor exchanged it is very important to select the correct size. If you have any questions feel free to contact us [Here]

Thank you