VA Benefits Page

Some of our customers are fortunate enough to have VA benefits. If you have VA benefits and you would like to know who to have the VA cover the costs of some of our products you buy form us then this is the process.

1.) You must have a VA doctor write a prescription for OUR cloth diapers and overpants. The prescription must show OUR ITEM NUMBER and DESCRIPTION. In most cases you will have to appear before a VA medical review board to prove medical necessity over other incontinent items already available at your VA pharmacy. It has been our experience that the VA will only cover standard items no frills. However, they usually will buy you a year or six months worth at a time. Below is a list of the items that the VA has covered in the past. Any of our Pre-folded diapers EXCEPT diapers with prints added. Any of our Overpants EXCEPT print overpants. Any of our Pins. Any of our Inserts. Any of our Concealors except prints

2.) It is usually a long process and unfortunately we can not help work with the VA. We will be happy to send you all the information the VA may request. They will want one or more copies of our catalogue. ( sometimes 2 or 3 copies for some reason ) We will be happy to send you copies of our catalogue. 3.) After the VA approves or disapproves your petition the regional local VA pharmacy that would buy your garments will contact us. Unfortunately the VA does not buy from one centralized location so you and we have to work hard for the initial order to be approved and bought. Repeat orders seem to go very smoothly.

4.) WHY FOOL WITH ALL THIS AGGRAVATION? It can save you hundreds of dollars every six months or so. The customers who have been diligent have saved thousands of dollars over the years on their cloth and reusable incontinent supplies. Simply by exercising a benefit that many of them did not realize would pay for their cloth diapers and vinyl overpants. Angel Fluff dedicated to our veterans and we place all our veterans to the head of the line when orders come in. Every person that works at Angel Fluff Diaper Company would like to THANK our veterans for protecting us and keep us free by dedicating themselves to the call of our county

5.) For info to see if your local VA pharmacy is already set up with us please e-mail me direct.

Howard Stephenson
President, Angel Fluff Diaper Company