How to order from Angel Fluff Diaper Co.


  1. You may use the shopping carts if your browser is a current version, your JAVA is active and your have your cookies turned on. If you fail to meet any of these requirements the shopping cart program will not transmit data correctly and you could experience delays in processing your order. If you do not meet all the system requirements listed above please use the alternative on-line order form listed in item #1.

  2. Fill out all blocks on order form. Be sure to include all
    information, especially name, address, phone, and e-mail
    ( we do not receive your e-mail address by any other means.)

  3. Be sure to include size and color if applicable

  4. Enter shipping rate and how you wish your package shipped
    from shipping and handling chart.

  5. When finished with form, click submit. You will receive a screen
    that says, Thank you for ordering from AFDC.... you may also receive
    a warning screen that you are entering an unsecured area-- this is okay.
    When you receive the "Thank you for ordering from AFDC..." this is your

  6. Should there be any problems
    we will notify you by e-mail, so please be sure the give us your e-mail

    NOTE ON EXPRESS ORDERS: Any order that is desired to be shipped via UPS RED, UPS BLUE,UPS ORANGE, EXPRESS MAIL, or any other agreed upon method must received by Angel Fluff Diaper Company by 10:00 AM Central time. Any items back ordered against an order that had premium shipping will be shipped via ground. Use of expedited shipping methods does not guarantee shipment of product that day. Any order that happens to all be on back order, will ship via the desired express shipping method upon receipt of the items by AFDC. NOTE ON NOTE: Now that all that is said, most orders, whether express or not, usually ship in one or two work days from receipt of order AND EVERY EFFORT is made to ship express deliveries the same day as received.

Most packages shipped with 2 business days.
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