Adult Size Smocks
When a Bib is just not enough protection our Smocks will do the job.
Our Smocks are like huge bibs as you see below.

We are offering a High Quality Whisper Thick Smock  22" X 28" with a Crumb Tray.
If you are a care giver taking care of a handicapped adult or elderly person this Smock will help you with feeding mishaps.
We purchase the Standard Whisper Thick Adult Smocks is in volume to save you money!

Adult Size Smock
Special Order

Order Custom Smocks Below


Custom Adult Size Smocks
( Custom Example Shown Above with Whisper Material and Blue Binding )
( Custom Example Shown Above with Aussie Bear  Material and Black Binding )

If you prefer to have a little pizzazz with your smock we will be happy to make you a special one.
These smocks will take between 4 to 8 weeks to be made and must be paid for at the time of the order.
Small 20" X 27 "     Medium 22" X 28"     Large 24" X 29"
Neck Apx. 17"         Neck Apx. 19"            Neck Apx. 22"


Custom Smocks

Price Each





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