Message from the President
May 21, 2002

Dear friends

Pray for America!  

Thank you for all the years of support and kindness.

God Bless you and all your family.

Howard Stephenson
President, Angel Fluff Diaper Company

New Shopping Carts: See below

Wow! Our new shopping carts have met with a huge success! Below we have listed a few browser requirements that are a MUST in order to use the new shopping carts. We also have the alternative order system in place for all those who prefer to use it.

Welcome to the Angel Fluff Diaper Company Shopping Cart Information Screen

Please note that shopping cart technology requires many advanced computer applications working in conjunction with one another. Angel Fluff Diaper Company has spent countless hours and resources to bring you the convenience of shopping carts. However, due to the advanced interactions performed by the shopping charts there are some minimum system requirements that the browser you are using must meet. If your current browser does not meet these requirements then your order may appear to process, however, it will not transmit properly to our on-line customer service department. We have an alternate secured on-line manual ordering system available if you prefer. Simply link here to use the alternate SECURE on-line order form .

Our New Shopping Carts are a Hi-Tech interactive program that uses all the Internet tools available in today’s systems. The shopping cart program is installed simply as a convenience to you, the customer. If, however, your system is unable to operate these conveniences, please feel free to use our alternative secured on-line order form .

God Bless you and Thank you for considering our products.

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