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Double stitched for extra durability
Custom sizing available
Hand-crafted with care
Our Adult Cloth Diapers are
 100% Cotton Flannel
Super Soft and Absorbent


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 Ultimate Whisper Plastic Pant

 Birdseye Diapers
 High Rise Plastic Pants  Gauze Pre-folded Diapers
 PUL pants a Plastic Alternative   Whisper Plastic Pants
 Plastic Mattress Covers  Vinyl Mattress Covers 

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We have been supplying adult cloth diapers since 1996. Our adult cloth diapers are among the highest quality adult cloth diapers in the world.
We have thousands of  satisfied customers using our adult cloth diapers and plastic pants.
We strongly believe that if you try our adult cloth diapers that you will find out why so many other customers love our adult cloth diapers.
Our products are considered undergarments and may not be returned nor refunds given.