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Features Offered On This Page For All Our Materials

Bikini Cut Pants High Rise Cut Pants Standard Cut Pants White Elastic - Standard Black Elastic
Lace Options Leg Opening Smaller Leg Opening Larger Leg Opening Smaller 1" Wide Elastic Options
Flannel Lining Terry Lining Nylon Tricot Outer Flannel Outer Lined With Print Flannels
Fantastic Volume Prices on Quantity Purchases of The Exact Same Item
Leg Opening Sizing May or May Not Be A Full Size Smaller or Larger, But Is An Attempt to Open or Close Up the Leg Openings To Your Desired Needs.



Base Cost

Base Cost
4 ea. +
Base Cost
12 ea. +

Design Your Own Specialty Pant On This Order Grid
Flannel - Terry - Elastic Options - Pant Cut Options - Leg Openings 
These items are custom built for you and take about six weeks.


$19.95 ea.

$16.95 ea $12.00 ea.



$19.95 ea.

$16.95 ea $13.00 ea.



$19.95 ea.

$16.95 ea $13.00 ea.



$19.95 ea.

$16.95 ea $13.75 ea



$22.95 ea.

$19.95 ea $16.75 ea.



$22.95 ea.

$19.95 ea $16.99 ea.



$23.95 ea.

$20.95 ea $17.75 ea.



$25.95 ea.

$22.95 ea $19.75 ea.



$27.95 ea.

$24.95 ea $21.75 ea.


6XL 42.95 ea. 41.95 ea. $39.75 ea.


Note: All sizes approximate and may vary from order to order.
Non-returnable Non-exchangeable.

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