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Angel Fluff Diapers was founded from a personal search for the perfect diaper at a reasonable cost. Our products are economical and environmentally friendly. We believe that you will find our 100% cotton flannel fluffy cloth diapers to be the softest diapering product for delicate skin. We carry quality diapering products for babies, older children, and adults.

    We only ship in discreet packaging and never sell or give your name to anyone, except as needed by law,  needed to deliver or verify delivery of goods, or need to resolve any dispute of any kind..

Adult diapers and plastic pants are our specialty.  We strive to be a world leader in customized adult diapers and cloth diapers.  Cloth adult diapers are manufactured in our cloth diaper manufacturing facility in  Tennessee.  Our adult diaper and our youth diapers may be customized to your needs.  We have made adult diapers for many years and we continue to be a leader in special adult diapers.  In addition to being able to make customized adult diapers we have the capability of supplying customized vinyl overpants or more commonly called plastic pants.  Many of our customers have special patterns for both special fit plastic pants and special fit adult dippers.

We also supply dozens of choices in standard stock adult diapers.  We feel that an adult diaper needs to fit properly, so we offer ten different sizes in some of our adult diapers.  In many of adult diapers we offer several different thickness.  Our Standard Weight adult diaper offers light protection.  Our Medium Weight adult diaper offers more absorbency.  The  Heavy Weight adult diaper offers good night time incontinence protection.  For those needing more protection we offer our Extra Heavy Weight adult diaper.  The Extra Heavy Weight adult diaper is our thickest all flannel diaper.  The heaviest adult diaper we manufacture is our pre-folded adult diaper with terry cloth added to the soaker and this adult diaper comes with VELCRO(R) brand fasteners. 

We offer a variety of  cloth choices in our adult diapers.  All our cloth adult diapers are made with 100% cotton.  We offer several choices in the cotton adult diapers. We have many choices of flannel adult diapers. We offer a Birdseye adult diaper. We also have cotton gauze adult diapers.  Additionally we have one series of adult diaper that is flannel with a terry cloth soaker for added absorbency.  We sell may of our adult diapers with VELCRO(R) brand fasteners.  VELCRO(R) brand fasteners is substantial and will hold our youth and adult diapers firmly in place.

Plastic pants are need for the proper use of our diapers.  We offer many different types of plastic pants.  We sell plastic pants in colors and prints. We also offer some plastic pants with nylon tricot covering the outside of the pants.  We have the ability to supply plastic pants custom made for you.  

We feel that our selection of  adult diapers, and plastic pants is one of the best choices anywhere.  We hope that you will give us a chance to supply you or your loved one with our quality incontinence products.  We are available during normal business hours to assist you in properly fitting our adult diapers and our adult plastic pants.  Please feel free to give us a call, we will be glad to help you with any of your adult diaper and plastic pant needs.

Note: All Products are Considered Undergarments and May Not be Returned or Exchanged.


Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of the world and of this small Christian business.

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